Inn Keeper’s News

Welcome to Eagle Cliff Inn Suites and Cottages 

If you have not already heard the Eagle Cliff Inn has sold to the operators of  Please be patient as we prepare to migrate all the information to new webservers and load everything into our new booking agent.  All of the properties will be listed on with links from the site to find them easily. 

I know change is difficult but it is sometimes but I hope you will be pleased with the new operation.  

A couple of changes.

All of the Cottages and Suites will have the same layout and amenities you have come to love.  You will also have contact free access with new Key Code Locks. 

The Eagle Cliff in will have a Full Kitchen.  With that being said the Six Bedrooms In The Inn will be rented as one unit.  You will have the entire Inn for your group.  You can now have family gatherings and celebrations such as family and celebration dinners but you now have to prepare your own breakfast.