Inn Keeper’s News

Hello, All of our Dear Friends! We made it through our 27th Year (Opening 1990), thus the 2018 Season is now upon us. We began and ended our 2017 season by offering our guests a Complimentary Wine Tour. The weather was nice for both…minimal sun and a bit chilly…but no rain! Even if there was, it would have been a fabulous day. A few of our Guests were new to the area, so able to enjoy lunch, dinner and wine tasting, so able to enjoy at least 5-of our most famous wineries. Might I say that it was an exceptional way to spend a Saturday afternoon!! Hope to do it again in May, so keep your eyes posted on our website for updates! If you do have interest, you may wish to get your reservation in early as it books up fast!!

We opened May 18, 2018 for the season!  Our soft opening started slow that evening, but ended in a full house Saturday May 19!  Now….for the BIG opening….Memorial Weekend.  We are excited to announce that, as we are now Renovating our 2-bedroom Cottage #9, even the bathroom has changed -smile!  No curtain…you have walls -not that anyone ever minded the curtain!

‘We Love Friends’ has been quite a success the past few years, and seems to be becoming more and more popular. If you have a group you’d like to spend the weekend with, make sure you get your reservations in early. The Wineries are awaiting You! The Lord is so faithful, and we thank Him daily!! Not only did we have many of our repeat ‘family’ return, we accommodated quite a few new family members, and what a blessing to have met all of you. Last summer was Grand. Thank-You! We have had the pleasure of meeting and accommodating the most interesting and unique people the last seven years. One gentleman sent me an original gorgeous drawing of Neil Armstrong from youth through his flight to the moon. Another gal took her valuable time to even paint a picture of the Inn. Wow! You will see them in our B&B this season. For those of you who have spent many a season with us, and if your remember, our first opening of the Inn was May, 1990. It seems like yesterday we moved into this dilapidated, yet beautiful, property. It has taken quite a toll on us throughout the years, but all for the Good.

With this being said, a few very humbling honors have bestowed the Eagle Cliff Inn in 2016.  In October, Eagle Cliff Inn was honored as the Geneva on the Lake 2016 Business of the Year!  To enhance our business, IN FEBRUARY, THE STATE OF OHIO CONTACTED ME STATING THAT EAGLE CLIFF INN WAS CHOSEN AS THE WOMAN OWNED 2016 FEATURED INN THROUGH THE STATE OF OHIO…LISTED IN OHIO BUSINESS MAGAZINE!! A reception was held by the State of Ohio at the Eagle Cliff Inn. Many of the Geneva on the Lake, Geneva Area and Ashtabula County Dignitaries attended, including my family. It was such an honor. Never have I been so excited, yet humbled at the same time. Thank-You, State of Ohio! I could not have accomplished any of this with out their fabulous website to assist me in implementing our business, but more so, I thank Jesus Christ, as He is the Reason that I have anything at all. I have never had anything to bring to Him, yet he continually bestows great things upon me and my family. Thank-You, Lord. Thank-You! After 28-years, it was very unexpected as we have much competition, but God is Good, and He knew His plans. All we can say is that we are humbled, and we are honored. Thank-You for all that chose us for this honor. Thank-You!

Now some very good news for your sleeping enjoyment! A NOISE ORDINANCE was FINALLY passed in April. Finally! Though we are still at the Lake, on the Directly on the Strip while most guests stay during the weekend, you should now be able to sleep peacefully after 12:00 am. If not, let me know….as The Ordinance rules!!

Now my family news: Not much has changed this past year. My Grandchildren are all beautiful. Marcus is 20, in the United States Army and just married a sweet gal, Brianna. Makaila is 16 and received her Driver License in October, Lincoln is now 6 having just started Kindergarten with Bay, well, Bay is Bay, being home schooled and Pretty as her Mama, feisty as her Grandmama, and LOVES her Papa! Boy does she ever love her Papa!! She turned 4 on April 9 and speaks fluent gibberish -smile! I guess having 3 older, might I say 3 much older siblings, taught her English quite well. She is a hoot, and the love of my life! How does God know we need these grandchildren so much? Only He knows, and He won’t tell. He just knew we needed them. Thank You again, Lord, Thank-You! We owe them all to You!

For those who do not know, as for Papa Jerry, he is now well. He had another episode (again) in July.  As many of you may recall, he had his Difibulator/Pace-Maker, replaced 2016.  Unfortunately, thought that operation seems a success, the Difibulator decided it do not want to stay put, thus ‘came out’ of his chest on Monday morning.  Due to this, we rushed him to Ashtabula Cleveland Clinic, who then admitted him 10-days by removing the Difibulator, then again replacing with a new one.  His health is holding up once again, so guess we’ll put up with each other a few more years -Smile~!!

As for me, most of you know that I was diagnosed early May, 2010 with Ovarian Cancer. No big deal, though. Honest. No big deal. It’s been nearly 8-years and doing well.  Just a short walk in the park…or, as I truly believe, Just a May – December romance. Early April, 2010, I began to feel changes in my body. After meeting with my doctor, I had a complete Radical Hysterectomy on May 31, 2010, and then continued to work both at my office providing services to our guys and gals with Developmental Disabilities, and serving You, our dear dear dear friends. It was a breeze, as Michelle, Peggy, Lyndsey, Cheryl and Cathy continued to work with me….or at times, work without me. They rock…or should I say…They were my Rock for the summer -Smile! On September 15 I then had a 2nd operation….this was the date we found that Lincoln would come into our lives…..-smile! Well, the doctor’s thought….uh huh, (they thought), that the cancer was on a not so great part of my body. We’ll, again, the Lord knew better. After the operation, it was found that there was NO cancer on that not so great part of my body, and further…..THAT I AM 100% CANCER FREE! 100%. The cancer was removed during the hysterectomy. I finished my 7th Chemo Therapy, and per my ecology Nurse, Jillian, she states that she ‘never wants to see me back in her office again’ -Smile! I am writing this today, May 17, 2016. I am cancer FREE. So. Life goes on. And on. And on. As you would continue to read below, we’re now we’re waiting to see you all on the front porch once again.

Now as I close for only a short time, I would like to Thank all of You for Supporting me and my Family. Some of you have been with us for years upon years. Some of your will just be joining us for the next (many) years. When I was a kid at camp, I learned a very important Song…..Make new Friends, but keep the Old…one is Silver and the other Gold. Dear Friend….Whether you are Silver or you are Gold, I wish for you many Blessings. Many Blessings. May you always find Happiness and may you drink Good Wine, but most of all, may you have Jesus in your Heart. Blessings upon Blessings. Thank-You!

There is one thing I want to add, if you read our Blog.  Jerry and I have decided after 28 years to SELL the Bed and Breakfast and Suites.

Lu & Jerry

Hebrews 13:2 -We entertain angel’s unaware!